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Are You Changed By The Night ?

Here's what the reviewers are saying about

Jenn Barrett & The Night Shift...

4 stars
“….songs change pace but rarely leave the mood established at the beginning of the show; this is a thoughtful and mature experience.”

“If you like your music presented with a healthy dose of atmosphere and theatre, then Jenn Barrett & The Night Shift might be just the thing you are looking for.”

“ Barrett glides onto the stage….sporting a striking head-dress, moves with a choreographed poise that adds to the occasion.”

David Robinson  'The Clothesline'  JUNE 17, 2019 

'Jenn Barrett & The Night Shift: Something’s Going On' ~
Adelaide Cabaret Fringe 2019 Review



“Jenn Barrett and the Night Shift provided an engaging, lively, fun and atmospheric performance…. the nostalgic vibe stood alongside genuine skill. Barrett herself has a truly unique voice, which she utilises and projects with the confidence of an experienced artist.”

“The songs were brimming with narrative imagery in their lyrics, balanced by a sound that made use of traditional melodies, hiding unexpected key and time signature changes. The effect was a sound that was relaxing, but interesting enough to keep the audience keenly attentive.”

Sarah Jane Justice 'All Over Adelaide Arts Magazine'

'A Night Shift Not To Be Missed - Jenn Barrett and the Night Shift'

Upon A Hill Vinyl Release - Nexus Arts , May 18th 2019 - Review


“…eccentric art rock set. Moody, atmospheric, theatrical, dramatic, and romantic this music feels experimental but has a solid rock base…a unique sound that will appeal to lovers of progressive art rock.”


Rowena Garcia 'Man About Adelaide - Art & Culture Magazine

Album launch:
 Jenn Barrett and The Night Shift – Upon A Hill

18 April 2019, The Mill (Adelaide) - Review


"Upon A Hill is full of rich musical textures...melodic Prog Pop..."

Neil Saint - Retroponic Radio Community 2RRR, Sydney NSW


" Upon A Hill...An eclectic yet accessible assortment of sincere art rock songs devoid of grandiloquence and performed with character."

Bián Hickman - Clothesline Magazine, Adelaide


“…highbrow, theatrical, poised, smart…need more of these strong female role models of substance on stage”

Ronnie Taheny, Director - Arty Records Germany Ireland Australia


"...Colourful progressive rock without the bombast or self indulgence. Imaginative yet highly accessible. Contemporary themes distinguished by old-school musicianship. Colorful harmonies and deftly managed meter changes that are essential to the music’s message. When playing bass meant more than just endlessly pumping out repeated eighth notes. Intricate arrangements with plenty of musical interplay" 

Peter Dowdall, Producer - Elder Conservatorium of Music, Adelaide